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Before Vision Therapy, 5-year-old Alan was unable to run without constantly looking at the ground, was unable to descend stairs using alternating feet, and avoided typical childhood activities like climbing, jumping, swinging, and riding a bike. He also avoided fine motor skills activities such as drawing, coloring, and printing.

Thanks to Vision Therapy with Dr. O’Connor, Alan now runs full speed with his eyes looking forward, handles stairs without hesitation, and no longer avoids any fine or gross motor skills activities. His self-esteem has soared because his sense of safety and spatial confidence is more prevalent than the fear of falling or getting hurt.

Vision Therapy with Dr. O’Connor helped to improve his balance and depth perception; because of this Alan is a happier little boy. His whole life changed because of Vision Therapy. His risk taking, endurance, and confidence have grown and, most importantly, he is so much happier!


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