When we first came to Dr. O’Connor Nora was a 6-year-old, 1st-grade student who didn’t like school. It took us all night to do homework with lots of tears and yelling. Every night she would say “I can’t do it!”. She was “stuck” at the same reading level for 10 months with no improvement. Within 2 months of Nora starting vision therapy, she jumped up 2 reading levels at school. The tears were less and less and Nora wouldn’t argue every night doing homework. She started to want to read and we could tell she was trying. When Nora would read to us she started to sound out the letters in the words, blending them together, which she previously struggled with.

Now Nora loves school and doesn’t give us a hard time about going anymore or doing her homework. She has just entered 2nd grade and while still behind every day seems to be improving more and more. We can’t wait to see the progress she continues to make.


Brody started falling while walking, falling out of the car, tripping going upstairs or falling down them. He also started standing while doing school work and was not able to sit. He would also sleep 12+ hours a day. His self-esteem was very poor. This was all the first part of 2019. Fast forward to March- we met Dr. O and found out Brody had a few eye issues. We traveled 2x a week, 3 hours round trip and every therapy session was worth it!

Brody can now catch a baseball, run freely without falling, ride a bike without training wheels, go upstairs without holding on to a rail and without falling. He is reading at a 3rd-grade level, smoothly, and is sitting while doing so. He sleeps 8 hours and has wonderful self-esteem- believes in himself and always asks for home therapy. He tried karate and now wants to play basketball.

Vision therapy has given my son back to me. Brody is a new kid who is now happy and excited to do new things.

Be dedicated to the process, ask questions, and trust those you work with. They have given my boy a new life and a chance that I never thought could be. We love Dr. O and everyone at Vision Development!


Before going to vision therapy I suffered from convergence insufficiency, meaning I would see double unless I focused hard on an object. I went to an eye doctor in the past and they simply prescribed me with glasses, that did not help. When I got to college the problem became too much for me to handle and I had extreme difficulties getting through the semester. When I went to vision therapy, Dr. O’Connor understood my problem right away and I started doing my therapy. Now that I am all done I would consider the difference in my vision life changing. I no longer see double, have trouble reading, have headaches or other symptoms I used to experience on a daily basis. I now feel like I can move forward in my life and pursue whatever it is I choose to pursue to the best of my ability. On top of all this, they had a very friendly, welcoming environment because they truly cared about me. I am very thankful and I would highly recommend Vision Development of WNY to anybody with vision issues.


Our Story begins as Wesley was finishing first grade and was complaining about his vision. We checked with his teacher and she hadn’t noticed anything out of the normal within the classroom and Wesley had made no complaints to her about his vision. We visited our family eye doctor and Wesley’s eyesight was 20/20. From the other tests conducted, the doctor thought Wesley may have a vision processing issue based on his answers and suggested, a visit to Dr. O’Connor.

We made our first visit to Dr. O’Connor in July 2018 for Wesley’s evaluation. We learned that Wesley did have vision processing concerns. After a lot of information from Dr. O’Connor and knowing how Wesley struggled at school, we committed as a family to the vision therapy program, 2 times a week. It was a 140-mile round trip each visit from our home to Dr. O’Connor’s office!

As we completed our visits to Miss Jen and Dr. O’Connor and worked on home-based therapy, we started to see Wesley improve academically. Wesley’s beginning of the year test scores jumped significantly by mid-year – Wesley went from being behind a 1 to 2-grade levels in math and reading to being on par with his current grade level and excelling. Wesley went from not wanting to read in August to a serious book worm by March! Wesley also graduated from Physical Therapy after being in a program for 4 years. We are so excited for ALL the goals Wesley has achieved and we believe that vision therapy is made the BIGGEST difference in achieving these goals.

To say that the staff of Vision Development of WNY are caring, loving and supportive, is an understatement! They were not just Wesley’s biggest cheerleaders but cheerleaders to our entire family. The positive enthusiastic atmosphere never wavered at any of our visits, ever.

If you are thinking of vision therapy for your child, don’t wait, it could make the biggest difference in your child’s life!

The Maras Family 4/2019

Beautiful & Intelligent design of the Human Body

Beautiful & Intelligent design of the Human Body


Written by:  Jennifer, V.T.

I witness, daily, the beautiful and intelligent design of the human body…

Working as a vision therapist, I plan and execute treatment for patients; of all ages and a variety of diagnosis.  In every session I integrate some form of movement; movement is essential for development.

The inner working of one’s performance is most profoundly seen through the connection of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Specifically, the brain and body have a fascinating component, the corpus callosum.  This is a part of the brain that enables communication between the right and left-brain hemispheres; thereby allowing the motor system to plan and coordinate movements, simple to complex.  The stronger the brain pathways become, the easier it is to perform that movement in the future.

Movement is a phenomenal tool!  I have seen benefits in my patients.  Movement is fun, it captures attention and sustains focus, it increases oxygen supply, reduces anxiety and stimulates cognition/ the learning process.  Many times, movement has been the catalyst in one’s concentration span (increasing and lengthening).  Movement is responsible for releasing positive hormones (providing optimal brain activity) AND… neurologically connects the Right and Left hemispheres of the brain!

Every new day is a gift and an opportunity for new skills to develop, and the ability to adapt and change are all contributed to movement.  The brain’s complexity is so intricate it can compensate for damaged parts and remap to other areas of the brain.  This is prefaced in the body through movement.

I have the privilege to work with so many people, one gentleman was an excellent example of how movement develops the mind and body.  Upon arrival, this war veteran could barely ambulate independently, had a shallow breath, rarely spoken language was shaky and incoherent and a dominating scattered gaze of poor fixation.  Throughout the program I watched him achieve and accomplish; leaving his last session, with a generous grin on his face he walked out the door with his wife, escorting her to the door, they both looked back and said thank you, waved to me and basically walked off into the sunset together.

Movement is foundational in my therapy sessions, I have witnessed patients gain function, accuracy, understanding, and confidence.