Written by:  Jennifer, V.T.

I witness, daily, the beautiful and intelligent design of the human body…

Working as a vision therapist, I plan and execute treatment for patients; of all ages and a variety of diagnosis.  In every session I integrate some form of movement; movement is essential for development.

The inner working of one’s performance is most profoundly seen through the connection of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Specifically, the brain and body have a fascinating component, the corpus callosum.  This is a part of the brain that enables communication between the right and left-brain hemispheres; thereby allowing the motor system to plan and coordinate movements, simple to complex.  The stronger the brain pathways become, the easier it is to perform that movement in the future.

Movement is a phenomenal tool!  I have seen benefits in my patients.  Movement is fun, it captures attention and sustains focus, it increases oxygen supply, reduces anxiety and stimulates cognition/ the learning process.  Many times, movement has been the catalyst in one’s concentration span (increasing and lengthening).  Movement is responsible for releasing positive hormones (providing optimal brain activity) AND… neurologically connects the Right and Left hemispheres of the brain!

Every new day is a gift and an opportunity for new skills to develop, and the ability to adapt and change are all contributed to movement.  The brain’s complexity is so intricate it can compensate for damaged parts and remap to other areas of the brain.  This is prefaced in the body through movement.

I have the privilege to work with so many people, one gentleman was an excellent example of how movement develops the mind and body.  Upon arrival, this war veteran could barely ambulate independently, had a shallow breath, rarely spoken language was shaky and incoherent and a dominating scattered gaze of poor fixation.  Throughout the program I watched him achieve and accomplish; leaving his last session, with a generous grin on his face he walked out the door with his wife, escorting her to the door, they both looked back and said thank you, waved to me and basically walked off into the sunset together.

Movement is foundational in my therapy sessions, I have witnessed patients gain function, accuracy, understanding, and confidence.