I first discovered I had a vision problem when I was beginning 4th grade and was seeing double. My ophthalmologist referred me to an eye surgeon and I had surgery in November of 2003 for a “Lazy Eye.” The surgery did not work. In fact, my vision got worse. That was when an occupational therapist my mom works with suggested we try Dr. O’Connor.

Dr.  O’Connor believed I could be helped by Vision Therapy. I started with strong prisms in my glasses and phototherapy. It made a huge difference right away. For the first time I was only seeing one image. My field of vision improved so I could see all of my homework at one time. I worked with Kathy and Joann two to three times a week to complete different exercises and tasks to strengthen my eye muscles and get my eyes working together. I hated figure eight pattern walking, but it worked. The Brock String and computer programs were fun, but you better keep up with the homework Joann gives you. It seems like a lot but my vision was worth it.

Eventually, after working in Vision Therapy for more than a year I did not need prisms at all and my eyes worked together. I have been back to see Dr. O’Connor every six months and my eyes are still doing great.

I’m very thankful my parents brought me to see Dr. O’Connor. I can’t image what my life would be like if I had to see double all the time. I certainly would not be on high honor roll or be able to competitively swim!

I love Vision Therapy and would strongly recommend it to everyone with vision problems!