My son Steven was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder(CAPD).  He was classified as “borderline” by the Niagara Falls Public School District and not entitled to any help whatsoever.  His CAPD therapist recommended he see Dr. O’Connor because she believed Steven also had vision problems – which he did.

He got reading glasses and started Vision Therapy once a week.   It took a few visits but we started to notice an improvement in the way he was reading.  He actually looked forward to his therapy and would practice while at home or riding in the car.  After about two months we noticed a change in his attitude about reading; he had developed more confidence in himself so therefore we did not have such a struggle to try to get him to pick up a book and read.

Before Vision Therapy he would actually cry if he had to read because he just couldn’t do it.   None of us had any idea he had such extensive vision problems. Steven would hit himself and say how stupid he was and run away crying.

It was hard on our whole family.  In school he was on the verge of being held back a year; even the teachers thought he was lazy.   We were all exhausted and didn’t know which way to turn.

Thank God for Vision Therapy!  There are doctors that don’t believe in it, but it did wonders for our son.  Steven is now in 5th grade and while he still only reads at a 3rd grade, 6-month level it is such an improvement from one year ago.   His attitude about school and reading has changed quite a bit. He likes school.

Reading isn’t his favorite subject.  I doubt it ever will be, but he’s on his way.  He has confidence and a positive attitude.   It was a long drive from Niagara Falls and quite a bit of money because insurance won’t pay for Vision Therapy, but it was worth every mile and penny.  Steven still practices his therapy because he believes it works.

He is living proof.