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Success Stories


My son Steven was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder(CAPD).  He was classified as “borderline” by the Niagara Falls Public School District and not entitled to any help whatsoever.  His CAPD therapist recommended he see Dr. O’Connor because she...

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I first discovered I had a vision problem when I was beginning 4th grade and was seeing double. My ophthalmologist referred me to an eye surgeon and I had surgery in November of 2003 for a “Lazy Eye.” The surgery did not work. In fact, my vision got worse. That was...

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Eight years ago my son, Nicholas, was in elementary school and struggling with reading and writing. His teachers always commented to me that, “there was something there” preventing him from progressing. Verbally, at 10-years-old, he scored at the level of a...

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When I started Phototherapy, I had limited peripheral vision. The treatment was not easy for me because many times I was dizzy and nauseous afterward. Dr. O’Connor and the staff were very encouraging. Sharon & Kristi were patient and helpful. Now, after 20...

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Before Vision Therapy, 5-year-old Alan was unable to run without constantly looking at the ground, was unable to descend stairs using alternating feet, and avoided typical childhood activities like climbing, jumping, swinging, and riding a bike. He also avoided fine...

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As a result of a stroke with traumatic brain injury that I suffered in March, 2016, I was left blind on the right side of my field of vision. I completed the months of rehabilitation, including Vision Therapy, but I felt that there must be something else I could do to...

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